On-line Software for Freight Networks
On-line tools to share information and build your network membership!
On-line Directory
On-line freight directory
The software is designed primarily to be used on phone. Your members can quickly find an agent, searching by country, city, service, etc...
Provide the best tools to your members!
  • Smart Ranking System
  • Company description
  • Services
  • Documentation
  • Contacts
  • Air Waybills management
  • And much more!
Enhance Communication
Enhance communication
With NEO6, you enhance the communication between the members, for a better overhaul group result.
Exchange Ideas, Prospects, Contracts!
  • Private Chats
  • Forums
  • Announcements
  • And much more!
Membership Management
Membership management
NEO6 will help you manage your group of existing members and control the new applicant members.
Easy information sharing
  • Member company files
  • Contacts
  • Trade references
  • Web client access
  • New applicants management
  • Inter-member payments
  • And much more!
Integrated CRM
Integrated CRM
NEO6 comes with a CRM module to help you develop your membership.
Get new members!
  • Prospects
  • Actions & Follow-up
  • Campaings
  • Competitors
  • And much more!
Our software is designed specifically for International Freight Networks.
It is extremely easy to use and is build primary to be used on mobile phones. Its powerful unique ranking system allows your members (or the general public if you whish) to quickly find the best overseas agent for specific services.
We can adapt it to any particular needs you may have.
Easy to use
Easy to learn, Easy to use

The user interface is lean and intuitive. As a freight network manager forwarder, you want your members to be autonomous and to require minimum support.

NEO6 is the easiest system to learn and use.

Built for mobile phone
Built for Mobiles

Worldwide, most of internet searches are done from a mobile phone. Even if it can be used on a desktop, we built this application to work primary on a phone, regardless if it is an iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry.

The screens are designed for a better user experience on phones and tablets

Powerful Ranking

When searching for an overseas agent to fulfill a particular service, the system uses a unique algorithme to identify the best member. The result allows the member to quickly find a solution for his shipments.

Network members Communication

NEO6 offers various tools to enhance communication between members.

The chat room allows one to one communication. The forum is used to share questions and answers on various topics. The announcement section allows you to notify your members on various subjects.

Members Management

NEO6 provides different features to manage your members company files.

Follow new applicant members from their on-line request for information to their approval or rejection. Maintain your member contacts, trade references, etc... Manage payments between members.

Integrated CRM
Integrated CRM

Develop your membership with the help of the integrated CRM.

Manage your prospects, your actions & follow-ups, your marketing campaings, etc...

Lean design
"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" (Leonardo da Vinci).
Secure access for each individuals at your members.
Members Menu
Members Menu
Easy to access tools to help your members every day.
Administrators Menu
Administrators Menu
Works well on tablets or computers as well...
Powerful search
Search with Ranking
Search overseas agent with powerful unique ranking system.
Ranking system
Ranking system
Our ranking system insure best results when searching O/S agents.
View member
View members details
View searched members information: Company description, contacts, offered services, etc...
Member files
Member files (Administration)
Members are maintaining their own data. Administrators add more details for management.
Member files
Member files (Administration)
Members are maintaining their own data. Administrators add more details for management.
Integrated CRM
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