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Starting a one-person freight forwarder business is relatively easy: A good knowledge of the industry, some good contacts, a phone and a desk let you start quickly a little operation. The real challenge is to grow it to a sustainable level. Then you have to build a good team, to organize and manage a lot more traffic, to handle a bigger cash flow, etc... while maintaining clients happy and chasing new prospects. Eventually you, as an owner, spend a lot more time managing your organization instead of focusing on the growth.


This is the time to get organized.


1 - Industrialize your operations


Finding good people is hard. Make sure you provide your team with the best tools, so they are efficient and spend more time helping your clients instead of spending time on tedious tasks. An ERP Software like NEO6 help them in their daily operations such as producing the transport documentation (Air Waybill, Bill of Lading, Manifest, etc...), managing the shipment costs, billing the files, etc... It simplifies their life every day. It is about optimizing your organization.


2 - Provide yourself with a 360 vision


A freight forwarding business involves a lot of data to handle. As your business grow, it becomes very hard to follow everything: Making sure all shipments are on track, ensuring that each shipment is properly billed, controlling costs involved in these shipments, etc...

NEO6 provides you with a 360 degrees vision on your operation. You can easily view the status of each shipments, you can quickly control the tasks that have been done, you can analyze the profitability by file, by client, by agent, etc....


3 - Integrate your accounting


When you grow, things are going faster, and you cannot anymore have an accounting system that is not completely in sync with your operations.

Because NEO6 comes with its own complete accounting module, especially build for the industry, you also have a real time view of your financials.

Your solution: NEO6.

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Quick start

Unlike most of the software on market, NEO6 is really easy to implement. You team don't have to spend days figuring how it works. They will take advantage of the software minutes after starting using it.


"Less is More"

We believe that complexity should be hidden from the users. We work harder to make it easier for you. Although it is complete and powerful, NEO6 is definitely the easiest software to learn and use.



NEO6 is provider as a service ("SaaS", Software as a Service). Our monthly fees are the best deal on the market.


No risk.

We are 100% confident about our work. There is no long term commitment so you can easily leave if you are not satisfied.... which we don't believe you would ever. :-)

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