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How to produce your Freight forwarding sales commissions in 5 minutes
If your freight forwarding company has several sales representatives, managing commissions can be a time-consuming job.

One of the main problems is that the numbers may change with time. That is especially true with ocean shipments. Usually, sales commissions are based on shipment profit. This profit may vary over time when vendor invoices arrive so, until all transactions are in, the commission amounts are moving targets. On the other hand, your sales representatives want to be paid as soon as possible.

NEO-Freight, our enterprise management system for Internatioanl Freight Forwarder, integrates functions for operations as well as a full accounting module, all under the same software.

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With our sales commission's management functions, producing and managing the commissions to pay becomes an easy and quick task.


You can define as many beneficiaries as needed per client. So for example you may split the commissions between several sales representatives. The commission structure can also be specific for a mode of transport (In the following example, Arthur receives 2% on Sales amount for all Export Air shipments).

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The commissions can be a percentage of the file profit, a percentage on the file sale amounts or a fixed amount.

Specific cases

By default, the commission structure defined in the client file will apply on each of the client shipments.

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It can also be overwritten for specific files to handle exceptions.

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Generating commission reports

When the commissions to pay are generated, the system will take in consideration the previously paid commission amounts.

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This way, if new billing or costing has occurred since the last commissions, the system will generate the difference (positive or negative).

Miscellaneous amounts

It is also possible to add amounts that are unrelated to files to the commission report. This can be used for advances, expense reimbursement, etc...

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Quick to produce

It takes only a few clics to produce comprehensive commission reports for the sales representative.

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Professional Commission Reports

NEO-Freight produces professional commission reports that are easy to read and look professional.

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History & follow-up

Each commission paid amount is easily traceable.

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NEO6, is a complete ERP software solution for Small & Medium Canadian Freight Forwarders. This complete solution integrates operations (Air, Ocean and Ground), customer service and accounting under one single comprehensive package. You will not need another software.

It is incredibly easy to use. In less than one hour, your operation people will be able to create shipments, print documentations, handle costs and generate invoices.

It is the most affordable specialized ERP on the market. You will quickly benefit from optimizing your operations and getting a 360 view of your company activities, both from an operational and an accounting point of view.

NEO-FREIGHT is built by us, here in Canada. We provide local support and customized software development (desktop, web and mobile) to help our client being more efficient.