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Shippers expectations

Today's transportation costs and logistics challenges are putting the supply chain under high pressure. As their transport providers are elevated to a more strategic role, shippers are more demanding from their freight forwarder. They will look for the ones that bring the most dependability,k innovation and productivity. Freight forwarders will have to nurture trusted relationship with customer and help them meet the challenges they are facing.

As a small or medium size Freight forwarder, you have to offer the same service level as big players with a small budget.

With our software NEO6 for the back-office and NEOONLINE portal, you are able to build ongoing relationship with your clients through data.


on-line portal for freight forwarders


Our solutions are build and supported in Canada. It has been designed specifically for small and medium size Freight forwarders. It is affordable and extremely easy to use.


NEO6 Portal


  • Shipment visibility
  • Request for quotations
  • Booking requests
  • Documentation sharing


Shipments visibility

Once logged in the portal, your clients have access to their files. They can search by PO numbers, file numbers, etc... They can also export to Excel.


Shipment visibility Request for Quotation - Files

Only milestones that you decide to publish will show.

Shipment visibility Request for Quotation - Milestones

Request for quotations and Request for booking


Air, Ocean or Ground shipments. Your clients can send you a request for quotation or for booking from the portal through an easy to use interface. You will be notified by email and the information will be available in the back office, as a quote to complete or as a new file.


Shipment visibility Request for Quotation - Booking and RFQ


Documentation sharing


on-line portal for freight forwarders - documents sharing

NEO6 back-office allows to attach documents to each transport files. If set as public, it becomes automatically accessible to your client through the portal.

If your client upload documents on the portal (ex.:Commercial invoice), it becomes automatically available in the back-office.

Less emails!


NEO6 software for Freight forwarders


NEO6, is a complete ERP software solution for Small & Medium Canadian Freight Forwarders. This complete solution integrates operations (Air, Ocean and Ground), sales and accounting under one single comprehensive package. You will not need another software.

It is incredibly easy to use. In less than one hour, your operation people will be able to create shipments, print documentations, handle costs and generate invoices.

It is the most affordable specialized ERP on the market. You will quickly benefit from optimizing your operations and getting a 360 view of your company activities, both from an operational and an accounting point of view.

NEO6 offers a full set of functions to cover all your company operations: Air, Ocean, Ground, Import, Export, Domestic, Direct & Consolidations, Documentation, P&L, AirWaybills management, Incoterms, Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program, etc...

NEO6 integrates a complete accounting module designed for the industry: Accounts Receivable, Operation Payables, Accrual Expenses Management, Multi-Currencies, General Ledger, Financial Statements, etc...


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We can adapt our software and do customized development when needed.

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